is a loan comparison website launched March 2015. We make it very easy to compare all kinds of loans with advanced search & filter features. With just a few clicks, our visitors can compare the best lenders, offering personal loans, payday loans, car loans, mortgages, credit cards and any other loan. Currently in Swedish, Finnish & Polish. With time we will open up in other languages.


Update – expanding into more markets

We have expanded to several new markets during 2016:


For more information, please see Financer Global.

Purpose of Financer

Our goal is to make it the one place to go to when  in need of a loan. Our comparison functionality consists of an easy user interface with sliders and checkboxes  that can be used to find a specific loan. After choosing your loan specifications, the best (ranked by total cost) will be presented to you in a clean table. All the cost and vital information about the loan is showed.

We make it really easy for our visitors to find the absolute cheapest loan on the market that suits their specifications and criteria.

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